The Team

Axis has an experienced team of qualified male and female counsellors who have been specifically trained to help our clients overcome the traumatic events of their childhood. You can choose whether to see a male or female counsellor. They are all registered with the British Association for Pyschotherapy and Counselling or other professional body.

All members of the Axis team are specifically chosen for their caring and understanding for survivors of sexual abuse.

Liza MorganHere in Axis we understand how difficult it is for survivors to make that difficult courageous decision to seek help.

Very often survivors of sexual violence do not understand that their uncomfortable painful feelings and their distress is normal after experiencing such trauma.

Should you be a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, rape or sexual violence, or are close to someone who has suffered such trauma, I hope that this web site will encourage you to seek help and make for positive change in your life. With appropriate help you will overcome your traumatic past / present.”  Liza Morgan MBE, founder of Axis

Meet the Team


  • Debbie – Counselling Lead, Telford & Shrewsbury
  • Andy – Counsellor, Shrewsbury & Ludlow
  • Elaine – Counsellor, Telford
  • Angela – Counsellor, Shrewsbury & Telford
  • Jo – Counsellor Shrewsbury & Telford
  • Alison – Counsellor Shrewsbury & Telford
  • Cathy – Counsellor Shrewsbury
  • Irene – Operations Manager/Treasurer/Secretary
  • Karen – Reception / Appointments, Shrewsbury, and welcome meetings
  • Angela – Reception Manager, Telford
  • Lorraine Stats/Reception Shrewsbury/Telford
  • David – Chaperone Telford & social media
  • Peter – IT  Support

Independent Sexual Violence Service

  • Becky – ISVA Manager
  • Sue – Independent Sexual Violence Advisor
  • Helen – Independent Sexual Violence Advisor
  • Nicki – Independent Sexual Violence Advisor
  • Marie – Independent Sexual Violence Parenting Advisor
  • Hannah – Children & Young People’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisor
  • Dawn – Independent Sexual Violence Advisor
  • Katey – Children & Young People’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisor
  • Laura – Children and Young People’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisor