Axis garden at Shrewsbury Flower Show 2016

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The journey through counselling

A garden created to depict the journey of an Axis client through counselling won a Gold Medal Award at Shrewsbury Flower Show.

The garden shows a journey of hope, from the safe, protective environment of the counselling room, through challenging self-analysis, to finally achieving the confidence to take flight to “live your life – be free”.

Guided and supported by marker stones along the way, the garden’s path emerges from the security of the woven willow cocoon, winding through a series of interconnecting gardens.  Initially the path meanders through an area of dense, dark, spikey foliage, before negotiating stepping stones across the water and emerging into a brighter, more ordered area of potted willow trees and cypresses.

Finally the garden opens up into a colourful area of raised beds, displaying a profusion of butterfly loving plants, raising up as if in flight in a celebration and glorification of nature and new beginnings.  Butterflies, symbolic of an inner transformation, break free from a white torso amongst the foliage and begin their journey on a new life.

The garden was created by Axis supporter Carol Seager who spent many months planning the design and growing the plants.