The Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Service at Axis supports victims of rape and sexual violence, whether recent or historic, with practical measures and advice.

You do not have to report an assault to receive the services of an ISVA – she is a victim-focused advocate who is independent of the police.

An ISVA is not a counsellor, though she can refer you for counselling at Axis or other relevant agencies if required.DSCF2397

If you do decide to report to the police she can accompany you and support you through the legal process. She will be able to explain each step of the legal/court procedure so you know what to expect and what will happen next.

ISVAs can make arrangements for you to attend a GUM clinic, and accompany you if required.

She will assess your safety and also look at your support network. She can advocate for you with other authorities regarding housing and welfare, and help you to put relevant orders, for example restraining orders, in place depending on your requirements.

If you are struggling financially then an ISVA will be able to advise you of where to seek the appropriate help from.

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