Axis Counselling has been helping victims of sexual abuse for nearly 25 years – long before it was accepted that childhood grooming gangs existed.  Axis has been a safe haven for victims of Childhood Sexual Exploitation (CSE), and has provided support, long-term support in some cases, to victims of CSE as well as other forms of sexual abuse. 

Axis is a not for profit organisation that supports hundreds of clients every year through both their counselling service and Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Service, and this is only made possible due to the funding provided by the Police and Crime Commissioner, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Ministry of Justice. Without their continued support, Axis would not be able to support any one of these clients. 

Axis is an organisation that prides itself on being client led, and put the clients first.

Axis is aware of recent comments that have been published in the press. Advice from our legal team is currently being sought on how to proceed with this matter.

 Axis Counselling’s policy is to strictly abide by the confidentiality and Data Protection of clients and staff.