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Mission and Aims

Our Mission

To preserve and protect the health, and relieve the needs, distress and trauma of, any adult or child over the age of 5 years (or partner, carer or relative) who has experienced any form of sexual abuse or violence at any time of their lives, through the provision of counselling, information, advocacy, support and practical help, where necessary

To advance the education of the public, in the subject of rape and sexual abuse, and raise awareness of the impacts, whether physical, medical, psychological, or social.

Our Aims

  • To provide a comprehensive, flexible, and high-quality specialist service to those in Shropshire, and Telford & Wrekin who have suffered any form of sexual abuse, rape, or sexual violence at any time in their life.
  • To offer a range of services for survivors of sexual abuse (and their loved ones).
  • To help identify what support is needed and be able to offer that support, or if we are not the right people to help, find other organisations who are.
  • To offer tailored packages of support, letting the client have control, set goals and work at their own pace.
  • To help survivors overcome the effects of sexual trauma and help them understand how this has affected them emotionally, leading to the thoughts, feelings and actions they have today. To help them shift their focus from being a victim to being a survivor who now takes control of their life.
  • To provide training to professionals on the topic of sexual violence and abuse to increase their skills and knowledge, so that survivors experience a better, more understanding response from all professionals they encounter.

We have offices in Shrewsbury and Telford where you will be in a safe and secure environment and you can take that first step.

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Funding and Supporters

Axis is Funded by a number of different organisations and private donations

Membership and Quality

Axis is membership of, or accredited by, a number of organisations

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