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Axis Free Training Course

Do you work with survivors of sexual abuse?  Might you, but don’t realise?  1 in 4 women and 1 in 20 men have been raped or sexually assaulted as an adult, and 1 in 6 Children have been sexually abused.  Would you now how to respond if someone disclosed sexual abuse to you?  This course will introduce you to some of the following areas: which will support you in your professional and personal life.

Introduction to sexual violence/abuse

Aim of the course

  • Identify a clear definition of “Sexual violence/abuse”.
  • Explain what the role of an ISVA is in relation to victims/survivors of sexual violence/abuse.
  • Be able to dispel some of the myths around sexual violence/abuse.
  • Identify the impact of sexual violence/abuse on the victim and their family.
  • Understand the definition of consent.
  • Identify the signs of sexual abuse.
  • Understand the importance of communicating and responding to concerns of sexual violence/abuse.
  • Be able to explain the does and don’ts when interacting with victims of

There are a number of options for delivery of this course.  Delivery will be tailored to your specific needs.  The preferred delivery is face to face.

Delivery options:

  1. In partnership with joint training, which could incur a small charge.
  2. Or alternatively we can arrange to visit you in your workplace or suitable location free of charge.

Attendance and participation in activities will gain you a CPD certificate.

For more information on the above course, please do contact Dawn Shanahan on the following email address, or call the number below.


01743 243007

Funding and Supporters

Axis is Funded by a number of different organisations and private donations

Membership and Quality

Axis is membership of, or accredited by, a number of organisations

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