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Could you help us to improve?

At Axis, we are continually looking to improve what we do, and how we do it. We would like the help of people have used our services, to do that.

A few examples of what taking part might look like, could be:

  • a focus group looking at Axis’ branding,
  • a marketing consultation (this could be anything from looking at a specific marketing campaign, to our organisational marketing strategy)
  • helping us review policies to ensure that they are fit for purpose from the perspective of a client.
  • It may be that we are looking at a new project or service and want to ask specific questions about how we best offer or provide that service.

This list is not exhaustive.

We would like to make our decision-making process more collaborative, so that it involves those who use our services. Instead of doing what we think our clients want, we would rather ask!

If you are interested in becoming involved, please complete the registration form below. Your details will be added to our Client Consultation Register. When we have something that we wish to consult on, we will contact you by email to provide information about the current consultation, and you can opt in, or opt out of that consultation.

You can remove yourself from the register at any time and receive no further contact regarding consultations.

We regret that this opportunity is not currently open to anyone aged 10 and under.

Anyone aged 11-15 will need the support of their parent/ guardian whose details will also need to be provided. We will run separate age-appropriate consultations for Children and Young People.

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