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Independent Accreditation

Axis is very proud to announce that both our ISVA and Counselling Services have been awarded the Independent Accreditation Programme Quality Mark for supporting Male survivors of Sexual abuse from Lime Culture and the Male Survivors Partnership.

We have been supporting Male survivors for almost 3 decades, and working on this accreditation has helped us to review, refresh and improve on what we were already doing, as well as adding new dimensions such as starting focus groups to gain feedback from our male clients, which will help us to inform and improve our services for males.

Our work was appreciated by the Accreditation Team who wrote:

“Following our Group Interview Sessions with your service on 29th November 2021, I am delighted to confirm that Axis Counselling and ISVA service has been awarded the Independent Accreditation Programme ‘Quality Mark’ for achieving the Quality Standards for Services Supporting Male Victims/Survivors of Sexual Violence.

The awarding of the Quality Mark demonstrates the commitment of you and your team to improving the quality of support for male victims/survivors. This is a fantastic achievement for which you should be extremely proud.

Axis Counselling and ISVA service commenced the three year Quality Standards Accreditation Programme in November 2020, and therefore the Quality Mark will expire at the end of November 2023”

Our CEO, Becky Jones said “We incredibly proud to have achieved this accreditation. With 1 in 6 males experiencing sexual abuse in their lifetime, the numbers who seek support are only a fraction of that. I hope that this accreditation will demonstrate to any males who are thinking of seeking our support, that we understand that their needs, and are committed to providing them with the specialist support that they want and need.”

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