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Lime Culture Independly Accredited

Lime Culture Accredition

Axis Counselling – ISVA Service

Axis Counselling is proud to announce that the ISVA Service has been awarded the Independent Accreditation Programme Quality Mark.

The ISVA Service has grown, considerably, over the past 2 years, to ensure that all needs are met for all clients, aged 5 years and upwards who use the Service. The work involved, demonstrating how the needs of the clients are met, and how they are made to feel safe, supported in a non-judgmental environment, which has been undertaken by Becky The ISVA Manager and a dedicated team of ISVAs.

This was appreciated by the team who undertook the Accreditation from Lime Culture, who wrote:

Following our virtual site visit with your service on 3rd September 2020, I am delighted to confirm that Axis Counselling has been awarded the Independent Accreditation Programme ‘Quality Mark’ for achieving the Quality Standards for Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA) Services.

The awarding of the Quality Mark demonstrates the commitment of you and your team to improving the quality of the support provided by the ISVA service. This is a fantastic achievement for which you should be extremely proud.

The Quality Mark is awarded for a period of three years and will therefore expire at the end of April 2023. We anticipate that services seeking reaccreditation should start the process approximately six months before the end date so you can expect to hear from us by the end of October 2022 to make the necessary arrangements. In order to ensure that your service is continuing to meet the Quality Standards, we will request monitoring evidence from you at two separate points over the period of accreditation. We will communicate with you about this in due course.

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