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“Let’s Talk About Trauma”

“Let’s Talk About Trauma” – a series of six online workshops to help you to understand and manage some of the common responses to trauma.

Trauma comes in many forms and is experienced in many different ways, but the overriding factor is that it is normal to have emotional, physical and psychological responses. So, as the name “Let’s talk about Trauma” suggests, these workshops are about demystifying trauma responses and focusing on ways to understand and manage these.

By attending each of the six online workshops, you will:

  • Learn about trauma – and how what happened in the past may be impacting on your life in the present.
  • Identify strengths and coping strategies used then and now and future possibilities for change.
  • Understand more about the way the brain and body responds to trauma.
  • Explore ways to help manage emotions and practice self-care.
  • Gain skills and knowledge that will prepare you for your counselling sessions with Axis.

Each workshop has its own theme, but they are all interconnected so it would be beneficial to attend all six workshops.

“Let’s talk about trauma” is open to anyone aged 18+ who is on the waiting list for Axis Counselling. The workshops are online and will take place on Thursday mornings 9.30 to 11am starting January 2022. Dates will be announced soon. We will provide detailed instructions on how to join online before the workshops commence.

How do I register an interest?

It’s Simple!…

Online Groups are available free of charge to all aged 18+.

Simply fill in the form below, we will register your interest and add you to our Online Groups waiting list.

Once received, one of our counsellors will contact you individually for a brief pre-workshop conversation to give you more information about the workshop themes, find out how you feel about being in a group and if you need any help with technology etc. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

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