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Rachel’s Peak District 50km Walk in a Day

I’m going to walk 50km in a day for Axis Counselling because of the support they gave me

In 2021 I started a course of counselling aimed at providing me with support in relation to the sexual trauma I have experienced.

Honestly, when I was  offered the appointments after being on a waiting list, I really wasn’t sure I wanted them. I felt like my life had moved on. However I thought to myself, “past me thought this was a good idea, maybe it still is”.

So I took the trauma therapy course, and I am SO grateful I did.

If I could sum up the biggest thing that I learnt, it would be:

That my responses to trauma are natural.

I’m still finding it difficult to say, yep that happened to me, so this admission in itself is quite a big deal.

I’m really hoping that you can understand how amazing it is to have a service available like this, to be completely free.

It would make me so happy if you can and are able to donate.

To donate to Rachel’s Peak District 50km Walk in a Day. You can donate here


Thank you.


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