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Axis Link is a specialist support service to help family members, parents, carers, partners and loved ones to better understand the possible effect of the abuse or assault on the survivor but also to understand how that may, in turn, impact on them. If the abuser is a family member or known to the family, it can be especially challenging to deal with.

Survivors may experience severe mood swings, frustration and anger, relationships issues, periods of silences or a need to talk, changes in sexual relations and patterns of behaviour. These are perfectly normal reactions and understanding how to cope with these can be hard for everyone.

Families, partners, loved ones, parents and carers all have an important role in helping the survivor recover but they too have become indirect victims of the abuse. Axis link will not only give you some insight and understanding but also some tools to better cope with the situation.

Parenting ISVA

Where a child aged 10 or under experiences sexual violence or sexual abuse we offer a Parenting ISVA service to the parent, guardian or carer of the child. Our parenting ISVA works with a non-abusive parent or guardian or in some cases, carer, providing them with the same Criminal Justice support that is provided throughout the other parts of the ISVA service. In addition, we provide practical support, to put them in a better position to be able to support their child.

We have offices in Shrewsbury and Telford where you will be in a safe and secure environment and you can take that first step.

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